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Pretty Cool

Gotta say, it’s really addicting. It’s just got something about it that makes you wanna try again, but it is definitely hard. The controls are too sensitive (the sensitivity bar doesn’t help at all, it doesn’t even pick up your finger) and the black holes have an insane hitbox. It’s ridiculous. The Royal Rainbow is absurd with the amount of stuff you can bump into and falling is an instant death. It sometimes seems unfair BUT still a solid mobile game nonetheless. I miss Katamari.

Good, but a few bugs

I really enjoy playing it, but recently it's making me redo the tutorial and stays on the screen where you launch the rockets. It prompts me to launch 2 rockets I had previously collected before it made me do the tutorial over again, and won't let me select the third rocket that's ready for collection. The game is unplayable now.

Love this game but...

I was playing this all day and got a score of 16,000 without using any rubies. I was proud. Until the next day came around. I turned on my phone and got on the game. None of my progress was saved! I even had to do the tutorial again. It may be a problem with my space, but I gave 2gb of space leftover so I don’t know the problem. If you can fix this, that would be greatly appreciated.

lost game progress!

i like this as far as runner games go and have always been a huge fan of the series, but after playing heavily for a few days i opened the app today and my progress was completely gone! i had even played earlier today with no lost progress. im quite disappointed and dont know if i'll continue playing.

Would recommended but....

I love Katamari and this game is alright but I think it would be better if Namco could just release a remaster for the original Katamari For mobile and Other consoles

Fun but buggy experience

The gameplay is fun and addictive. It takes the soul of Katamari Damacy and turns into a great endless runner. It does this wonderfully. The only problem is that it’s really buggy. Sometimes it doesn’t show the right high score. Sometimes when you start a new run, the level doesn’t load correctly and you just see blue. And the game crashes when you try to save your high score as an image. The game plays fine 95% of the time but these small issues make it feel like an unrefined experience.

Can’t play

So, I’m at a point, and have been for months, where I can’t play the game. I’m stuck at the rocket screen. And the only advice the devs has, which took a long time to get, was to “wait until the next version”. Not going to wait.

Not A Fan

I’m not a fan of this version of Katamari. I had thought this would’ve been much closer to the original version. But what I discovered was a mere infinite runner, with a dash of Katamari. Needless to say, I am very disappointed.

I don’t have Facebook

I was actually really enjoying the game it has a nice challenge to it that makes me want to keep playing... I also enjoy winning gems from the challenges, until now. I now I have a challenge that requires me to use one Fujio. The problem is that is the one cousin you get from logging into Facebook, and I do not have a Facebook. It’s frustrating that this game is so desperate to have people login to Facebook that even a mission requires it. (If your wondering if I’m salty about this, then I am) I’m not going to make a Facebook just so I can continue to complete missions on game. Some of you will say to just delete the game, which I probably will do but it’s sad because I was enjoying it.

It’s fun, but missions are frustrating.

The King’s missions require you to have Facebook friends playing. There is no way to skip his missions that require Fujio. I might be more inclined to invite Facebook friends to play if the app didn’t make me re-sign on to Facebook EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. IT. OPENS.

Spend more time watching ads than playing the game

Between levels? Watch an ad. Die? Watch an ad. Need an upgrade? Watch an ad. Want bonus coins? Watch an ad. I’m pretty sure that in the three days I’ve tried to play this game, I’ve spent more time watching ads than I’ve actually spent playing the actual game, so minus 3 stars for that Minus one more star for the EXTREMELY spammy way you’re prompted to connect your Facebook account. There’s a bonus that you can only achieve by connecting your Facebook account and opening up your friends list, effectively limiting the game until you give up your information.

Ruined by poor quality and ads

Bugs reported in December reviews still exist in July. Ads spoil gameplay and have bugs that break the game. Feels like a lame attempt to cash in, I thought they were better than that after the successful console games. Shame. It’s fun when it works, but I rarely play it for the issues and won’t recommend it. Certainly won’t spend any money on it.

I was brought by Michele Phan

Is a great and satisfying game

Why pay to play?

The previous version (which is no longer supported) let you play the game in a similar fashion to the PS2 Version. The interface here is different and counterintuitive. Levels are hard enough that users will be tempted to purchase in-app monies and boosters. Which is dumb. Actual Katamari fans, don't bother.

Facebook REQUIRED to Advance.

The game was a lot of fun for something to pick up, play and put down every once in a while. They have missions that give you something to do. My issue comes that one of the missions pretty much REQUIRES you to connect to Facebook to complete. Unacceptable to put a complete hold on your ability to advance for that.


A Katamari themed temple run. Not a big fan. I really thought I was going to play childhood katamari.

Excessive Ads

It’s really nostalgic and much more user friendly on the phone than the original Katamari app, but there are way too many ads and they’re all 30 seconds each. I would be willing to pay money if it meant removing the ads. It discourages me from wanting to play the game more.

Good base, but multiple problems

I really like this game, and an endless runner is a good way to adapt this for mobile. That said, I can’t give the base game the rating it deserves for a few reasons. One is the ads- they are pretty incessant. One ad in particular for the game Rise Up breaks the game for me, almost without fail. The option to exit the ad is misleading. There’s a tiny X in the top right, but the hit box for it is either too small or in the wrong place, causing you to tap the advertisement and forcing the game to load the App Store; this is a problem for me, as I have to then close the App Store to conserve memory. As someone else mentioned, the lack of skippability on certain missions can tank progress for anyone not willing or not able to surrender to the game’s social aspect (which I’m sure has less to do with creating a fun community, and more to do with accessing people’s social media data). Personally, I’ve always been a solo player, so this one will hurt me eventually. Finally, there’s a lag between my finger input and the prince following my commands. If I move my finger to the far left, the prince has to catch up with it. Sometimes he never does and I have to lift my finger and swipe to the left a second time to get him all the way where I want. If I lift my finger before he catches up, he stops right where he was when my finger lifted. This is ok at the beginning when things are slow and obstacles are pretty far apart relative to the katamari’s size, but becomes a problem later when I need to be able to act quickly or lift my finger to make a jump, or at moments when the game starts to lag and experiences framerate issues. I understand part of this is probably a result of my phone’s screen size, though (I’m still using a 5s). Other people’s mileage may vary on this one. As someone who grew up playing the original Katamari games, I’m glad to see some form of it out in the wild. But playing this just makes me wish I could have a full version of the game that I can play on my PS4 (they could even do lootboxes for cosmetic items your prince wears, which would slide right in to the gift mechanic that existed in the old games).

Waste of developer effort

You have a perfectly acceptable set of highly replayable games you could port. Why deliver watered down garbage like this that you actually had spend time and money developing from scratch? I played this for exactly long enough to figure out you’d just made another endless runner, and my excitement was gone. Time spent looking for a PS2 emulator would be more enjoyable than playing this game, and a bonus is you wouldn’t have to watch obtrusive ads.

More glitches than gameplay

This would be a mildly fun game if the gameplay wasn’t so hampered by constant glitches. You get offered a continue if you watch an ad, only this feature NEVER worked. The frame rates are never consistent, either slowing down or heaving you forward. The cousins are meant to be helpful upgrades, expect that Foomin, Macho and Marny all tend to kill you. Also there seems to be issues where depending on what objects are coming toward you, you will lose the ability to jump or steer (e.g. if you see 2 dragonflies in a row you will lose the ability to jump). This literally feels like the crooked carnival game version of Katamari Damacy where they give you zero chance to actually win.

Sick of logging into FB + fujio broken

Every time I play the game it makes me re-log-in. And I haven’t had a fujio to use since my first one. I’ve been stuck on a kings mission for weeks. Super buggy version, please update it!

Poor controls, not what fans want

The game looks nice but the controls are just too slow. Let’s not play around, give us a proper Katamari game. We have waited far too long for a proper installment of Katamari, this isn’t what we want.

Shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

I was really looking forward to a nice relaxing Katamari game, but this game has absolutely everything I hate about mobile games in it. From obnoxious ads, to restricting micro-transactions, to a single repetitious level, and even bothersome Facebook interactions that are REQUIRED in order to fulfill some missions in the game. All-in-all very disappointing. :(

Fun but gets old quick

Ads are annoying, can I just pay to have them gone. I deleted this game from my tablet because my son was forced to watch a game trailer the depicted people killing each other! NOT COOL!!!! The MSRB rating on this game does not apply to the game trailers apparently. In addition this is a game that focuses on endless play and micro transactions; with no really objectives (like real Katamari games) the point of playing becomes mute.

Please update!!

I’ve basically beat the game! Full multiplier! Need more! Love this game!!

Almost great

This game would be the best game on the App Store if and only if it didn’t have Fujio. I really hate how they added a Facebook feature to this game. Now I have to hound my friends to get the game and play it just so I can use fujio and level up. Other than that it’s a fun time waster


I bought the old katamari but when I play it it says it needs to be updated to work on iOS 11. So I go to update it and it's not in the App Store. Where is it?

Good reinterpretation

Let’s be honest the console game cannot be followed up on in a handheld game, and I know this not because I played it on PS2 but because I played a Katamari game from the AppStore like 7 years ago and it was hysterically entertaining but at the exact same time INSANELY frustrating, because I did not have a joystick in my hands. Try hitting a target when you’re trying not to zoom all over the entire map whilst having zero control over the camera. The runner version makes it logical for a handheld tilt control. It’s still manic and bright and actually-makes-you-giggle fun so I’m quite impressed.

Constellations Complete!

Edited to add: Cannot get past rainbow road and my patience has run out. Lowering my original rating by one star. Sigh. I thought that would be the end of it, but I’m gonna work on distance and money to max out the cousins. Only 3 stars for being stingy with the coins and some inconsequential gameplay gripes. Worth it if you’re patient. And I’m not, so that should say something.

Fujio facepalm

The missions are a great way to keep engagement with the game. Except that you will hit a brick wall within a day or so of playing when you can’t get a Fujio (via facebook connection & even then no one seems to have gotten one). Either remove Fujio from missions or figure out another way to unlock him. There’s other room for improvement, but this really quashes all the fun out of what’s otherwise a decent game.

Would love but...

I love this game, but there are some serious glitches. For example, I have to link and unlink my Facebook several times before it shows my friends for Fujio. Then I can apparently only get help from a specific friend 1 time ever. Something like that should refresh every day. Also, I am on the King's mission to grow 25 meters in one run, collect 2000 coins and get a score of 250,000 in one run. I can't complete this challenge because for some stupid reason it gets stuck at 13.47 meters or less. So I will never be able to get another kings reward because I can't skip the mission either. If all aspects of this game worked, it'd be a 5 star for sure.

Fun game, pretty glitchy

I like the game, but it needs work. Can’t go more than two stars because as much as I like to play, because there’s good potential, the faults make it not worth it. It’s pretty fun, but I can only play for 15 minutes until the glitchiness overwhelms me. Bumping into things that aren’t there and then getting smashed for it. Bumping into things and getting bounced across the entire screen into a blade. Trails of coins that lead you into blades, or in a space you can’t fit between an object and the blades. By the time you hit the rainbow road you’re so big you can’t fit down the road without hitting the floating pieces on the sides, which push you into blades of course. Be prepared to use gems...which you can buy for real money. Hopefully they read the reviews and fix it or I think they’ll lose people in the long run.

Stuck on Facebook achievement

The game is fun but it is a disappointment that is requires Facebook to complete some of the achievements.

Amazing but buggy

Anything Katamari is amazing, hands down. However, I’m noticing a few bugs. I have added friends who play, but still see zero connections for Fujio, unless friends are online. Looking at score ranks, I see my score, but everyone else has a zero. However these days, trying to check the score I see a pop up saying I am disconnected, when I clearly sign in via FB all the time. Kind of makes gaming hard, and playing with Fujio impossible.

Laggy and hard to control

As you get farther into the level the amount of lag gets worse and worse.

Fun game BUT needs updates

This game is beautiful and fun but it needs some updates, like I can’t get fujio to appear even if I connect to facebook, which has left me permanently on mission 5. Thus acquiring rubies is harder and daunting, since rockets only contain one.

Greedy Greedy buggy buggy

The good: I love the music, art, and much of the gameplay. The bad: The game is pretty buggy. They need to fix it. The ugly: Any amount you spend in the game is a complete waste as the price to continue playing goes up dramatically. It doesn’t help at all! The cost to play kept going up!!! On top of that there are Ads constantly - and sometimes the ads even crash the game!! Would have been 4 stars if they weren’t so greedy!

Great... but far from perfect

First and foremost, don’t lock me out of achievement progressions for not using Facebook. Keep him in as a cousin, that’s fine for those that use it, but never make it a part of the king or queen’s quests. I’ve brickwalled here, and there’s no real point in playing if I have no goals. There’s also the issue of the shrinking. The timing of the end is weird and it’s bizarrely difficult to control while you’re small if you don’t use tilt controls, which I don’t really care for. Add in a few new courses or something, maybe? It doesn’t really have any variety to it. Challenges as to what to pick up sound oddly difficult on an infinite runner setup, especially for a smaller screen, but some goal on an individual run basis could be neat. The song is amazing, in typical Katamari fashion, but we could definitely use more than just the one. That really becomes an obvious one when you add new courses though. All in all, great game if they'd pull the Facebook wall, but there is certainly room for improvement.

Almost there

The game itself is fun for awhile but I find the rainbow level to be extremely difficult. I know it’s later in the run but after playing through the same settings over and over I always wonder what’s after it. Seems like it’s inevitable that you’d fall off and have to use gems or watch a video to keep going. The fact you have to jump over the black holes but there is something in the air that knocks you off course to fall of the rainbow every time is extremely unfair. Not to mention the GIANT chess piece that moves in the middle of the course and is near impossible to get around without falling off. I’m all for difficulty in games but to go from the city to the rainbow level is a huge jump in difficulty. Impossible to beat. Please make changes to the gameplay so there is more fun in the long run.


My app doesn’t have sound 😞 what’s the point of katamari without the music?


You Endlessly roll a boulder with little control into obstacles and then your father kills you. It’s like Christianity and the myth of Sisyphus all wrapped into one. The original game, I thought, allowed you to back up or at least do more than what you can with this one. Which is to die, die, die and die some more. I really want to be able to play this game. I deleted it twice now, maybe by the third Iteration I will want to keep it on my iPad and let my seven-year-old play. Because right now he plays for 15 minutes and then gets into a fit of rage because the frustration involved in playing this “game“.

The best mobile app I've played in a long time

I'm currently obsessed with this game, I know that's a huge cliché but it's true. It's simply really fun. Almost all the issues I have with it are negligible... I honestly don't know why it's not more popular!


I've had the game for one week and a half and I have lost my progress twice already. I don't know what happens but when i close the app and reopen it, it glitches and starts all over again from the beginning erasing ALL my progress. And there's no way to back it up as in a cloud or something. So bad quality. Also, it's so hard to connect to Facebook. It will ask me EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the app if I want to connect, and even when I do connect it, it won't connect, and I have to do it manually from the settings for a second time. This is an awesome game, but it's so poorly made and full of glitches. All of this without talking about the ads. There's WAY too many adds. Even just to finish a run, you'll get an add. It also glitches and freezes when I get some adds. It's such an annoying app. I hope the make a patch for SO MANY errors. It's truly horrible and just painful to play it

Relatively fun

It feels like Katamari but it’s another endless runner and it’s pay to play (coins and gems). Wish you could just play a game for once without being expected to pay more and more money. Also, I’m stuck on a mission objective of using a Facebook friend to help me. I don’t have any Facebook friends who play this game and it’s highly unlikely I ever will. Especially with the fact that I play this game specifically because I don’t HAVE friends. Why can’t I skip this?

Can’t progress because of Facebook.

Delete the cousin that requires having friends on Facebook play this game. Having a feature like this is a surefire way of having your game uninstalled.

Save File was Deleted

Thanks. Logged in just now and everything was gone.

Cannot move on with quests

Love this game, love the music and the play but there is one massive issue. The king will give you a quest where you have to use a cousin called Fujio , well Fujio only works if your friends also play and connect through Facebook. If they don’t, you STILL get this quest and can never ever complete it. I’m not even sure the Facebook connection is working properly as I have friends who say they play but they’re not showing up on the game. So I’m stuck not completing this quest and therefore have to depend on rockets and daily quests from the queen to get rubies. It’s sad, because the king quests are the ones that matter. Real bummer they didn’t think that one through. Also the coin cousin is terrible, consistently leads you to certain death with a vortex.

Good but...

It's fun, reminds me of the original game, but more streamlined. Unfortunately after about two weeks of playing, my game completely reset itself, and I have not been able to get my original game back. Nothing changed, I was still logged into Facebook and Game Center, but it just reset for no reason that I can find. I'm really disappointed, but glad that I didn't put any actual money into the game, because then I'd have been royally angry at the reset.

Fun but glitchy

This game is fun to play, but it has some issues. The main thing is that it has erased my progress three times so far in the roughly one week since I have installed it, which makes stuff like upgrading the Cousins and collecting rockets useless. To be clear, I would open the app and the opening cutscene and tutorial would play again, and my high scores and upgrades etc. will be gone. Also, one time I started a game and my guy was running below the floor, aka off the track and in a light blue void with no items to collect, making it impossible to gain any points until I exited to the main menu.

Buggy af

Buggy af